6 Reasons You Should List With Us!

When it comes to finding a Wake County area real estate to represent you, we know that you have plenty of options.  We are confident, however, that you're not going to find any other agent who can represent you as effectively as we will at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®. 

Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® sell homes faster and for more money than any other REALTOR® in the Triangle. That's why we're considered experts in the field and why Linda Craft was recently asked to appear on a segment on NBC's My Carolina Today. Below, hear Linda talk about everything from open houses to staging your home in that segment below:

As you can see, Linda is an expert in luxury home selling. But in case you're still not convinced, here are 6 reasons why we here at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® are your best choice for selling your luxury home:

Years of Experience

26+ years in the real estate business combined with the volume of business completed by Linda Craft and Team, REALTORS® means you are working with seasoned veterans in real estate. We also boast over 150 years combined experience on LC&T and also are locally-owned & operated.

And this experience translates to results on the local housing market! Here are some recent statistics that demonstrate just how qualified we are to help home sellers like you:

  • The MLS average is selling at 97 percent of asking price. At Linda Craft & Team, we sell our homes at 98 percent of asking price.
  • While the MLS average days on the market is 145 days, ours is 65 days.
  • Our listings sell more than 60 days faster than the competition
  • Additionally, we’ve sold the highest price home in the Triangle for the past 5 years
  • In fact, our listings sell 1.4 % higher than those of other REALTORS®

Fantastic Home-Selling Services

We don't stop at just giving you advice on navigating the market.  We also provide you with valuable services throughout the home selling process, such as:

  • Free lifetime use of moving vans: good for taking kids to college, dropping off items for charities, etc. 
  • Excellent customer service that includes phones & internet availability 24/7

You can rest assured that you'll receive personalized service when you work with us as a home seller. You're not just another customer, you're our client and we'll work hard to best represent your needs.

Aggressive Advertising

Your home will be in the spotlight with such cutting edge marketing tools as television, audio tours, professional photography, home-staging and, of course, the Internet. We'll also feature your home using aerial photography via "AirCam," which is a website with more views than anything else in the Triangle! We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to market your home.  Thus, you can be sure of a steady flow of potential buyers.

What's more, we made 4,841,099 ad impressions in 2013 on sites like,,,, WRAL, Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow,,, etc. And we’re currently bidding on 6,653 unique keywords in pay-per-click and are receiving traffic from more than 33,762 keywords that we’re optimizing for and getting traffic from.  

This all means greater exposure of your home for sale to buyers navigating various forms of media. 

Connection to the Real Estate Community

Linda Craft is actually president of the Luxury Home Marketing Group, which is comprised of 16 experienced luxury agents who all share information on listings with each other.  What does this mean to you? You'll be tapped in to an extensive network of luxury home buyers and sellers, which will mean more exposure of your home to the right home buyers. It also means even more marketing through the website and social media will be available for you and your luxury home for sale. 

What's more, we are well-versed in national relocations, which means your home will be exposed to those qualified home buyers involved with a corporate relocation at any given time!

Team of Specialists

We take a team approach to managing your home sales transaction. With our highly-trained specialists, your home will receive maximum exposure to all buyers. We have a dedicated closing manager, professional people that do internet marketing & social media, appraisers, stagers, internet marketing professionals and top-notch moving companies working to help make your home selling experience a successful one.

Investment in the Community

We here at Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® aren't just your real estate agents, we're your neighbors.  And we care a lot  about the greater Triangle community.  That's why we are a Corporate Sponsor for the Hurricanes.  We also are committed to such local charitable organizations as March of Dimes, Hospice, and others!

We Can Help You Sell Your Luxury Triangle Home for a Great Price

As you can see, we really do have the experience and expertise to help you enjoy a successful outcome on the local housing market.  So contact Linda directly at 919.235.0007 to sell your home today!

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